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Hybrid Digital Multimeter Test Kit

In cooperation with the largest hybrid car manufacturer this Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Test Kit has been developed to be the first complete testing solution as outlined by Hybrid Auto manufacturers. Thus it is now possible to perform precision Insulation, Mega-ohm & Milli-ohm measurements using a single instrument in concert with the specialty test leads included. This compact DMM can also perform common temperature, frequency, and AC/DC voltage measurements. Complete kit includes an orange carrying case for Hybrid environment identification as well as the instrument itself is supplied in an orange protective sleeve. This is a must have diagnostic tool for the most discerning Hybrid & Electric Auto Service Professionals.

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Master Aero Service Kit with Instrument (DMM)

This comprehensive kit contains Avionic specific test and measure equipment for the MRO field. It includes Aero specific leads (sizes 12 through 22) and BNC Coax Cable/Adapters offered in a Military Grade, shock resistant, air-tight, waterproof Tool Case.

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Kelvin Leads Kit

Comprised of a Red/Grey and a Black/Grey Kelvin Crocodile Clip lead using low loss, multiple stranded, double-skin silicone cables. The set terminates in 4mm Full Safety Plugs, color coded to each relevant jaw.

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Personal Power Supply Accessory Kit

Harness the Power!! Adaptive Interconnect Electronics's Personal Power Supply Accessory Kit features a Power Plug to OBD-II Cable Adapter Lead and a DC Plug to Cigarette Lighter Socket Cable Adapter Lead. This Kit expands the power applications of Mini/Micro Personal Power Sources.

AIE - Test Leads, Accessories and Specialty Diagnostic Kits UL, CSA, IEC and CE Compliant.